• 'from her to her' is a collection of open letters written from one woman to another.

  • The collection is always growing as we invite all women to pen a letter to contribute to the project.

    The inspiration

    In 1855, Caroline Norton wrote an open letter to Queen Victoria. Norton was a writer and social reformer. Her letter listed all the restrictions placed on married women in nineteenth century England. Norton claimed it was hypocrisy for a female monarch to rule a country where married women were ‘legally non-existent’.

    'from her to her' : a collection of open letters
    written from one woman to another

    We invite women everywhere to write

    In the spirit of Caroline Norton, 'from her to her' encourages women to write open letters to other women. These letters can be politically motivated, like Norton’s letter to Queen Victoria, or a personal celebration of a woman.

    'from her to her' theatre productions

    Victoria Beesley and Terra Incognita will also be creating a series of 'from her to her' theatre productions. These letters may be available for audiences to read at performance. The first of these performances is at the National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

    'from her to her' : 8 & 9 May
    National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh 7.30pm

    'from her to her' was created as part of Untaught to Shine, a collaboration with Stellar Quines and the National Portrait Gallery and supported by Creative Scotland’s Creative Futures